I really eat that.

I'm a Finnish guy living and studying in Denmark. This blog is about the food I really eat.

No I haven’t stopped eating, but since I moved out of Denmark, I think it’s time to set this blog to sleep as well. But there’s coming up a new blog (wereallycookedthat) with two of my Czech friends, just wait for the awesomeness!
This was my last supper in DK and I don’t think it gets more Danish than this. Medister-sausage, caramellized potatoes and green cabbage. And it was even made by a real Danish man!
This is something I thought I really wouldn’t eat but then during my last days in DK I was tempted to try them. It’s the Danish flæskesvær, basically fried pork skin and fat. It tasted greasy, surprise surprise.
Adina made these Latvian meatpies for our Christmas foodparty. Just the perfect combo of carbs and fat!
Crab salad made by Agnese, very fresh and tasty!
Mark whipped up filled eggs for Christmas foodparty.
Me and Minttu brought some gravlax (salmon) to our Christmas foodparty.
Mikelis made a Latvian salad for Christmas foodparty.
Christmas foodparty: filled eggs with shrimps. Stuff that tastes delicious but I still neevr do it myself. Maybe I ought to try one day.
Starwberry cheesecake by Blanka and Agnese. Sweet and tasty, like the bakers :)
Mirka and Ilona made a delicious lasagne. I forgot to ask what it’s called. 
We made appetizers with Mikelis to our foodparty. It’s a tartalette with cauliflower, cheese, egg, spinach, bell pepper and walnut. 
Something called “cheese salad”. A tasty appetizer made by Agnese.
Awesome lasagne made by Mikkel The Dane in one of ours foodparties.
I forgot the name of this already, it was something “hokie” maybe. But it was basically a bread with ham, salami, pesto and the whole thing was grated with cheese. So the perfect unhealthy combo of carbs, fat and salt :)